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Contains wheat and milk. May contain traces of sesame seeds and nuts.
Preperation method:
1)Fill the enclosed measuring tray to the top with water or milk and pour the water or milk in a bowl
2)Open one sachet of crem powder, stirthe cream powder and the water or milk slowely until the mixture thickens into a smooth cream. Wait a moment until the cream grows stiff.
3) Open one sachet of pastry slices. Spread the cream evenly on one pastry slice. Place the other pastry slice on top of the cream and press lightly.
4) Advice before use: Place one sachet of icing in a cup with warm water to soften. Squeeze the content of the icing and spread evenly on the upper pastry slice.
5) Use a sharp, serrated knife and cut the slice carefully into three equal portions. MNow you have three delicious and fresh vanilla pastry slices. After preparation best eaten within short notice provided that tompouce are stored cool.