Q. How long will it take for me to receive my order?

A. Your order will be processed by The Dutch Store within two business days. Your order will then be subject to standard shipping times through Canada Post.


Q. Why don't I see cheese available for sale on your site?

A. We are unable to sell cheese online due to regulatory restrictions. Please visit our retail store to peruse our selection of Belle de Hollande and Kroon brand gouda cheeses, goat cheese, edam cheese and other specialty cheeses.


Q. Do you have a minimum order requirement?

A. No, order as you wish! 


Q. What are your shipping options?

A. We use Canada Post for shipping. If you place an order and you do not see an option for Canada Post, it is likely because your order is over 30lbs, which is the weight at which the online calculation service maxes out. You can still use Canada Post, please choose the offline shipping calculator, and we will get back to you with the approximate cost of delivery. We also provide a pickup option so that you can choose and pay for your groceries online and come pick up your packed order at your convenience.


Q. Where do you ship?

A. Our products are available to customers within Canada.