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Contains wheat and milk.

This package contains all the necessary ingredients, so you don't need to bake or cook.

And this is how it works:
-Fill the measuring cup with water or milk (= 125 ml). Open a bag of pudding powder, suitable for 3 Tompoezen
-Pour the water or milk into a small bowl. Mix 1 sachet of custard powder with the water or milk.

-Stir everything together until you get a nice smooth custard and it sets.

-Let the icing (sachet) soften in warm water (± 50 ° c).
-Then take a packet of puff pastry biscuits and spread the pudding out on one of the puff pastry slices.    Finish off with the 2nd slice, like a lid, on top.
-Next, take the bag with the now soft icing and knead it well again - cut off the corner and spread the icing on the puff pastry.

-Then cut the cake with icing and a sharp serrated knife into 3 equal parts.
 - eet smakelijk-
(Once prepared, the tompoezen have a limited shelf life if refrigerated).