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Contains wheat. May contain traces of egg, lupine and milk.
1 pack of Koopmans fine cake,
150 g of butter or margarine,
4 eggs (medium size),
50 ml (4 tbsp) of milk (all at room temperature).
Cake pan of 30 cm
Mixer with whisk.
Place the rack slightly below the center of the oven and preheat the oven (electric oven *) 160 C
Grease the cake pan with butter and dust the inside with flour or use baking spray.
Beat the butter with the mixer in a mixing bowl until soft and creamy.
Add the cake mix, milk and eggs at once.
Stir the whole with the mixer on the lowest setting in 1 minute until smooth.
Beat the batter with the mixer on the highest setting in about 2 minutes to an airy batter.
Put the batter in the cake pan.
Bake the cake in 60-70 minutes until golden and brown.
Remove the cake from the mold and let the cake cool on a rack.
* Temperature settings for other ovens are indicated on our packaging.